The Full Story


Set up and launched in 2020, David Robert Photography is a West Midlands based freelance photography service with 40 years of photographic experience in both film and digital mediums.

Specialising in property, project, commercial and event photography we offer a range of services including:


  • Fully edited stills photography

  • Videography with up to 4k resolution

  • Interactive 360 video tours

  • Property floor planning

  • Time-lapse video



The property market is constantly evolving and with more and more activity taking place online, choosing professionally shot and edited photography for your listings is no longer something that sets you apart from the competition. It has become a necessity.



Event photography has the added dimension that is time and is constantly changing and evolving. High quality event photography and videography requires planning, organisation, scheduling and to know who or what has to be photographed, when and where. Capturing the atmosphere of an event is not just about wandering around with a camera, it involves the ability to change between locations, the challenges each may bring and possessing the equipment to cope with a whole range of other scenarios.



Capturing your project story with photography and videography is the most effective way to showcase your organisations capabilities to existing and potential clients.  

Through the creative use of stills, video, time lapse and drone footage along with corporate branding and messages we can create an engaging and dynamic video production that fully demonstrates your project or business.




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