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Preparing your property for photography:

A Guide to Home Staging.....

First Impressions Count


  • Remove any vehicles from the driveway or outside of the property

  • Remove any clutter from outside of the property such as bins and hosepipes

  • If there is damaged or flaking paint on the front of the house give it a fresh coat

  • Mow the lawn, trim hedges and tidy around the garden including weeding, removing leaves, sweeping paths and driveways

  • Fix broken gates and loose slabs

  • Clean the windows and doors and polish door furniture


Potential buyers want to picture themselves in the property and the removal of personal items will enable them to visualise themselves in the space

  • Repositioning or temporary removal of furniture in the rooms may help them look more spacious

  • If you have pets, hide their food bowls and baskets/beds

  • Ensure your home is well lit and replace any light bulbs that have gone out as well lit rooms look better whatever the conditions outside

  • Open all curtains and blinds

  • Clean and polish any reflective surfaces such as mirrors, pictures, cupboard doors and worktops to aid reflection of light throughout the property


The kitchen to many potential buyers is very often the most important room in the house and also the most expensive to renovate. Even if it is not ideal it should show its potential and usability to give confidence that it will not require replacement in the short term.


  • Clean and clear all work tops and ensure there are no tea towels or chopping boards on show

  • Clean appliances and empty laundry machines if interiors are visible

  • Move bins out of sight

  • Clear away non essential small appliances unless they form a focal point of the kitchen e.g. coffee machines. Any that remain should be clean and sparkling

  • Close all cupboards and ensure any with glass doors are tidy inside

  • Remove fridge magnets and notes/reminders

  • Polish taps, empty the sink and ensure there is no washing up lying around

Reception / Living Rooms

  • Remove loose throws from sofas

  • Plump up and arrange cushions to look tidy and complement the room

  • If possible set dining tables

  • Turn off TV's and hide remote controls, mobile phones, tablets etc

  • Ensure kids toys, magazines, DVD's and any clutter is out of sight


  • Make the bed and choose bed clothes that compliment the room

  • Ensure all items of clothing and shoes are put away into cupboards or wardrobes including hanging on backs of doors

  • Linen baskets should be closed and not overflowing

  • Anything stored beneath the bed should be completely out of sight

  • All cupboard and wardrobe doors/drawers should be shut


Another room high on potential purchasers wish lists are the bathroom which once again can be expensive to renovate. The key to giving your bathroom impact is to keep it clean and simple

  • Keep the toilet lids down

  • Remove any personal items like shower gels, sponges, shampoo, tooth brushes and any personal medication

  • Clean shower screens and open shower curtains

  • Ensure toilet roll holders and brushes are clean and presentable

  • Any towels should be neatly folded and compliment the room


Outdoor living is now high on many potential buyers agendas and having a usable outdoor room can be the deal-breaker that could put your property to the top of their list

  • Remove any items that do not need to there such as kids bikes, garden tools and equipment

  • If you do have garden furniture and patio sets, weather permitting set them out, put up parasols and make the space look inviting

  • If sheds or fences look tatty give them a fresh coat of paint

  • Trim overhanging trees or plants to maximise the amount of light entering the garden and give an impression of space

Home staging at Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Birthdays

To avoid time-stamping photos, please ensure seasonal decorations are kept down for the photo shoot as it will not be possible to remove these from them during editing

What if the property is empty?

Unfurnished or empty properties will still require a degree of home staging treatment. Please ensure the majority of guidelines above are followed.

For 360 Virtual Tours

During the capture of 360 degree virtual tour content there is nowhere to hide clutter out of shot. Remember to make the most of any available storage space and follow guidelines above

Personal Data

It is important that all of your personal data must be removed from sight prior to our visit to avoid it being visually captured and featured in our photographic content. Personal data includes (though not exhaustive), photographs of family and friends, bills, letters and certificates. We cannot be held responsible for any personal data that you do not remove